* Nominally the game is called Feed Frank. We'll be honest – ahem, frank – with you: The overall point of this thing is being fiercely debated here at Williams Street. Half of us find the struggle of divining Frank's 'purpose' to be utterly enthralling – like decoding a book written in a half-forgotten language (like French). Whereas the other half of the office wishes experiences like this (and the larger company as a whole) would sometimes dial down the 'weirdness for weirdness sake' that engulfs our output, and instead create a more life-affirming use of our website and your time. Your enjoyment of Feed Frank hinges on a lifetime of choices, and will likely spur a series of questions: Do you seek challenges that do not promise an optimum outcome? Has social media blunted our means of communication and capacity to empathize? Would feeding a corpulent blob engender feelings of worth or despair? With these questions in mind, enter the site.